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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3
Posted on 6 January, 2022 By Clarke

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Due to a large quantity of deliveries in the last month of the quarter, Tesla has achieved amazing results in Europe. The Tesla Model 3 has become not only the best-selling electric car, but the best-selling car overall for the month of September 2021 with about 24,512 registrations and 2.6% market share.

"The strong performance of the Model 3 is in part explained by Tesla’s intensive end-of-quarter sales push. September has historically been a strong month for the US manufacturer’s registration results in Europe, on average accounting for 68% of its third quarter deliveries since 2018. Last month, registrations accounted for 74% of third quarter volume." said Felipe Munoz the Global Analyst at JATO Dynamics.

The inside of Model 3 is not like any other car. You can use your smartphone as a key, and have access to all driver controls in the central 15-inch touchscreen. The all-glass roof extends from front to back, which helps create a sense of openness from every seat. The premium centre console is modern and efficient, with plenty of covered storage and charging for two smartphones. The Tesla Model 3 has custom driving settings to suit each individual and cabin controls. 

The Tesla Model 3 comes with 20" Überturbine Wheels and Performance Brakes Includes Pirelli P Zero tyres, more powerful brakes and lowered suspension for improved handling and performance. The Model 3 can give the driver 360 miles of range on a single charge. With 25,000 chargers all over the United Kingdom finding a supercharger will be easy for when you are doing day to day commutes. 15 mins of charge will give up to 172 miles at Supercharger locations.

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