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Traffic Jams Cost £9 Billion A Year

Traffic Jams Cost £9 Billion A Year
Posted on 2 June, 2021 By Daniel Jones

A recent study by traffic data analyst Inrix has found that there were as many as 1.35 million traffic jams on motorways and A-roads in the past year alone.


The startling figure equates to 3,700 traffic james each and every day. This has been estimated to cost the economy a whopping £9 billion a year. This is a figure that has been caculated from the cost of wasted time, fuel and resulting emissions. The same research also found the worst case scenario left drivers waiting for up to 15 hours. This specific event occured when a collision occured between two lorries on the M5 on August 4th, resulting in a traffic jam of 36 miles. It is also exepcted that this event alone cost in the range of £2.4 million to after the extensive period of time was required to clear the road.


Several other examples of long traffic jams also came from the report. Others included incidents that included 10 hours description and several more incidents that caused at least sven hours of delays. These are estimated to cost around the £1.2 million mark each, equally shocking figures.


With these latest findings highway chiefs have recieved demands from the goverment to reduce the amount of time it takes to reopen the motorway after an incident. In addition to this - Jesse Norman, the transport minsiter, has written to Highways England to advise that slip roads could be used as contraflows to clear motorways. 


Jesse Norman has been quoted saying that he wanted to “ensure that disruption to motorists and communities is minized during and after”. He added “A particular feature shown in the media was the availability of empty slips roads, and I would be interested to know whether you considered if these could be used as contraflow to move traffic off the motorway”.


Highways England have stated that they clear 85% of motoroway and A-Road incidents within the hour, which has been its target for the past two years.

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