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Maintenance Packages

What is included and what the benefits are.

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What are the benefits of a maintenance package?

A maintenance package can be a highly cost efficent way to maintain your vehicle and it also offers added peace of mind by knowing there wil be no surprise bills. It also has the folowing benefits:

  • Outlay

    Low and fixed monthly cost

    Maintenance agreements are available at a low fixed cost which will not change during the course of your contract. Hassle-free and cost effective.

  • No Unexpected Bills

    No unexpected maintenance bills

    A maintenance agreement will cover you from any unexpected issues ensuring that you are not left out of pocket.

  • VAT

    VAT benefits for your business

    VAT is 100% recoverable on the monthly maintenance cost of a business lease.

  • Approved Garages

    Approved and accredited garages

    Your vehicle will be serviced by accredited garages using approved technicans and genuine parts.

What does the maintenance package cover?

  • Servicing

    Manufacturer servicing and MOTs

    Vehicles with maintenance agreements are serviced in accordance with the manufacturers reccomendations. MOTs are also covered.

  • All perishable items are covered including:

    • BatteriesBatteries
    • BulbsBulbs
    • BeltsBelts
    • WipersWiper Blades
    • StartersStarter Motors
    • ExhaustsExhausts
  • Tyres

    Premium brand tyre replacement

    Unlimited tyre repalcement is also included, premium tyres are used and punctures are also covered.

  • Free Collection

    Free collection and return of the vehicle

    Free collection and return of your vehicle to your home or work address or the use of a courtesy car.


Exclusions include repairs due to driver error or vandalism, missing items, mis-fueling, fluid top ups between intervals, damaged windscreen and/or glass replacement. Please ask us for full details of what is included and what is excluded.

If you exceed your contract mileage the funder may continue to maintain the vehicle subject to charging an excess mileage, but this is at the discretion of the funder and it is essential that you check this.

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